Merry Christmas Denelle!

Keep on being yourself because I love who you are!

I am so happy and proud to have YOU as my sister. Although we are only half sisters, it doesn't make a difference if we have the same dad or not. I would still love you anyways. Besides how couldn't I love you. You are a strong and beautiful person and I look up to you. You are always there when I need you most. You've made a huge impact on my life and I thank you for everything you've done. Every mistake thats been made has just made us who we are today. I am happy for you and proud of who you are today. I love that you're independent and delightful. No matter what happens just believe in yourself and do whats best for you not based on what other people want from you. I will always be here to support you through everything. Merry Christmas Denelle! I love you!

Love, Brooke

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