George W. Bush Biography

By: ZF

George W. Bush is still alive...

Birth and Childhood

George was born in July 6, 1946 in New Haven, Connecticut. His parents are George Herbert Walker Bush and Barbara Bush. The Bush family moved to Texas when he was 2. He wanted to be a baseball star. His sister died of leukemia.

This is George W. Bush as a baby.

School Days

He went to Harvard Buisness school. He gratuated at Yale university. George was a cheerleader in high school. In the year book he was dressed in a wig and skirt.

The Bush Family

His parents were married for 70 years. His family were politicians. George did'nt like being a politician. He had 3 brothers and only 1 sister. He was the oldest child.

This is George's family.


He loved flying planes. He was in the Texas national air guard. He helped his dad become president. George went to the navy when he was 18.


George ran for congress. He was the 46th govenor of Texas. He was the 43rd prsident of the United States. George wanted the United States a much  stronger nation.

This is George as president.