Regarded as the fastest sport on two feet, lacrosse is an action-packed sport. Lacrosse was developed in 1100 A.D. by the Native Americans in the Northeastern United States, and in South-East Canada.  Lacrosse wasn't found by Europrans until a French  explorer found it. Lacrosse actually means "The Stick" in French.


The mondern lacrosse stick consists of a plastic of a plastic head, and two different styles of stringing. The type of stringing shown below is called mesh. This ttype of stringing consists of one piece of mesh, 3-4 shooting strings (the red strings), a top string (the white string at the top of the head), and a bottom string (the white string at the bottom, and 2 pieces of sidewall string. Many people choose this style of stick, because it's easier to string, and it shoots a faster shot.

Traditional Stringing

The type of stringing shown below is called traditional stringing. It consits of 3 thin pieces of leather, 3-4 shooting strings (the blue and red strings), and MANY feet of sidewall string (the white string). Even though this is tougher too string, this type of stringing gives you more hold on your passes and stringing.

What type of mesh can catch the best?

Hard mesh! Though the catch might be softer with soft mesh, hard mesh has some advantages over soft mesh. Hard mesh has a better catch and release. This means you can catch the ball then throw it faster than you could with soft mesh. Hard mesh can get wet. Soft mesh is TERRIBLE in the rain. When soft mesh gets wet, the pocket collapses and the ball goes straight into the ground when you try to shoot. Finally, hard mesh gives you a faster shot, because your pocket doesn't move any.

What type pocket shoots fastest?

A mid-pocket! Mid-pockets balances hold and whip. Hold is how well the stick can hold the ball when running and craddiling. Whip is how much hold on the ball when you are throwing and shooting. If you have too high of a pocket, the ball will shoot straight into the ground. If you have too low of a pocket, the ball will fly up into the air.

How can I have a faster shot?

A shot is consists of arm strength and torso strength.  The shot starts by turning your body towards the goal. The farther the ball is away from your center of gravity, the faster your shot will go. Then, you use your arms to push the stick forward, and the ball will release from your stick. When running, you turn linear movement into rotational movement making the ball go fast.

Additional Information

If you want to learn more a bout sticks and stringing, chack out the YouTube channel, East Coast Dyes.

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