Harry goes to visit his father at the hospital.When he first arrived his father was in a bed asleep with a nurse checking how he was doing."May I see him" Harry said to the nurse.

"Sure but he Is not doing very well"the nurse said.After she left she walked out of the room.Harry walked up to the bed and watched as his father slowly breathed. As harry sat down Mr.Tillian opened his eyes slowly.

When Mr.Tillian  opened his eyes he smiled.He was happy to see his son that had been ignoring him ever sense he was twelve. After he got an parrot."How do you feel" Harry said ."Okay but I've been better"Mr.Tillian said with a rough voice ."I went by the shop and cleaned up and everything "Harry said with a low voice . " Did you clean Rocky's cage and give him some food"His father said."Yes"Harry said."You should go I need some rest"His father said.Harry Left slowly .

After a month Mr.Tillian's health started to get better.He was well enough to leave the hospital. Mr.Tillian was very happy to be in the comfort of his own home.

Mr.Tillian got much better and began working at the shop again.

Everyone was so happy to see Mr.Tillian healthy and happy.

His money started to get in order.He moved to a pleasant house and moved the candy shop to a new and better location.

Harry's school work started to improve and before he new it he was heading to college.

He also works part time at the candy shop and has a good relationship with his father and Rocky

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