Purchasing an Antique Engagement Ring: Steps for Help

Are you thinking about trying something a bit different and going for a vintage ring instead of any other? Well, that’s simply a great choice. But because you will be going for something that it not a usual choice of many people, you need to understand that your direction of research should be different.

Instead of going with the general 4 Cs and other parameters that define the quality of the ring, you will need to look for other parameters that indicate the quality of the stone in the ring as well as the quality of the metal. The plus points of purchasing a vintage ring are many.

One of the benefits is seen in the appreciating money value of these rings. Because the value of antiques always increases, these rings are a great investment. So, if you have made up your mind to purchase a vintage engagement ring, here is how to go about it.

Steps for Buying Vintage Rings

Whether it is for your engagement or just another precious jewelry that you want to add to your closet, antique rings are one of the trendiest ones nowadays. With their enticing personality and charm, these are the first choice of a number of brides to be nowadays. If you haven’t yet started your search on antique jewelry, begin now. Study the following:

  1. Eras: The era or the time-period to which the ring belongs plays an important role in the personality of the ring as well as the value that it holds. You should also read about the eras so as to judge or decide on the ring that will suit the wearer. Whether you should buy one from the European era or one from Roman era depends on the style that suits the wearer.
  2. The Stones and More: While buying or examining the antique rings that you have shortlisted, shake them one by one just to see whether the stones set in them are loose or tightly studded in. Do not buy the ring if the gems or diamond/diamonds set in the ring are not firm.
  3. Buying a Band: Most of the vintage rings are stand-along rings. Therefore, if you are fond of those wedding rings that come with a wedding band, you might have to re-evaluate your decision of purchasing an antique ring. In case you really like one of the antique engagement rings that you are thinking of purchasing, ask if a matching band can be made along it.
  4. Gemologists Report: The evaluation and the judgment of a professional are important in case you want to purchase an antique ring. Take a gemologist along, in case you know any, to take a look at the ring that you have finalized. In case you don’t know any, request the company from where you are purchasing the ring to help you get the ring evaluate.
  5. Certificates and Paperwork: You will need all the papers and documents thatlist down all the specifications of the ring. In case the seller does not have the original documents, check everything even more carefully. In case, you find a ring with all its documents intact, buy that.

These are some of the steps that you need to consider while purchasing a ring that is antique or vintage. The lore behind each vintage ring is fascinating. If you have found the ring that you were looking for, don’t forget to know more about it from the place you got it.


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