Texas country music

retta, jaye, maci, Emily.

This genre of country music came on it in late 1960's. It is still popular in our generation today.

Some popular artists are Pat Green, Randy Rogers Band, and Whiskey Myers. Some of their songs include, " I Like Texas ", " They Call it The Hillcountry ", and " Lonely East TX Nights ".

Texas Country fuses traditionalists root sounds with the outspoken carefree views of outlaw country with a take it or leave it approach.

The most commonly heard instruments are the drums, guitar, piano, banjo, and violin.

It usually can be acoustic or electric, the dominance of males and females is equal.

Some songs are about relationships, missing someone, having fun, death,and partying.

If you ever went to a concert you would most likely experience lighters, lots of lights, love, happiness, and connection.

An example of Texas country is Lonely East Texas Nights by Whiskey Myers. Some of the lyrics include:

"Some where in East Texas your out alone

But I cant dry tears on the telephone

But I'm coming  back to you i swear

I'll make it right I'm making my way back

home on a red eye midnight flight."

The instruments we heard were guitar, drums, and vocals.

We chose this song simply because it said east texas.





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