By,Meredith and Shelby

Our substance is sucrose, sucrose is sugar, for one of the everyday uses you use it in baking. For baking it helps to sweeten your food, also it helps to give some more flavor. One other is when you burn your tongue if you suck on sugar or a sugar cube and the pain should quickly go away. Another example is when you have every mucky hands if you add a little bit of sugar to your soap, if helps as an abrasive. That’s some of the the ways you use sucrose/sugar in your daily life.

Many things are needed to create a chemical formula. Several particles come together to make an atom, and several atoms join together to be a molecule. Multiple molecules join together to be an element. Several elements join together to be a substance. A chemical Formula represents a substance. A chemical formula is measured in particles. With all of these things a chemical formula is made.

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