s. Richardson

Transportation survey

-In this survey each candidate was asked a sum of three questions: their type of transportation, how often they use this transportation, and how satisfied they are with this transportation, this was convenient because I surveyed my fellow classmates

Frequency's of satisfaction
1-10, 10 being the most satisfied



After organizing my data this is what I came up with. The mean is 7.05, the standard deviation is 3.3 and the variance is 10.8. The min was 1 and the max was 10, and the range was 9. Also the median is 8, and the mode is 10.

The problems

The only problem I could see was the amount of people who were dissatisfied, which was almost everyone who wasn't completely satisfied and that was represented in the graph by a 10.


Identifying the problem I came up with the idea of basing my business on tank renting were its costs $50-$100 per trip and asked my interviewees how much they'd be willing to pay if anything and how fast they would like to go with the options of 25-70 mph. I know this sounds a bit crazy but my thinking process was that if the dissatisfied would be willing to pay any amount to rent a tank they would logically enjoy and or be satisfied with the novelty of a tank in a local area.

"Would you Wanna" Tank survey

Again I asked my interviewees questions such as: Would you want to rent a tank, If so how much would you be willing to pay $50-$100 and how fast would you go 25-70 mph?


Amount of money


The graph shows that the mean is 69, the standard deviation is 12.1 and the variance is 145.7, the min is 50 and the max is 100, the range is 50. Also that the median is 62.5, and the mode is 50.

Being that the mode is 50 you can see that the interviewees would like to have the tank as a means of transportation but are smart and choose the lowest payment possible, in contrast this doesn't make the five who choose the maximum payment intelligent, just that they think the investment is worth that much if not more.

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