All the Best deals and Purchases of Automotive Lights in Chrome WareHouse

The Chrome WareHouse is definitely not a new name associated with car parts and chrome car accessories. While there are an innumerable number of categories and sub-categories of parts that are sold in here, we are mainly here to discuss about the automotive lights in this specific article. It is necessary for the possible customers to be wary about what they are investing in and what they can expect from the chrome accessories for cars and even the company they are buying it from.

The chrome car accessories are regarded as not just the best but also one of the cheapest in comparison to the other available options. This is one of the major reasons why people often incline more towards this rather than the more expensive options. Much like the other categories, even the automotive lights have separate and specific sections for different car parts which make it a lot easier for people to look through and make a decision.

The different categorised divisions under the automotive lights include:

  • Headlights
  • Tail Lights
  • Headlight Bulb
  • Fog Lights Cover
  • Off-Road Lights
  • License Light


Let us first start with the available headlights that are up for purchase in the chrome car parts. It is a tad bit disappointing thatChrome Warehouse doesn’t have many options when it comes to headlights of any vehicles. There are just two available results under the category which we will elaborate and discuss below.

Rugged Ridge Round Crystal H2 Headlights

Just as mentioned priorly, there are just two options under this category but is necessary to note that this round crystal H2 headlight is compatible with a number of vehicles which is why it is best to get a look at the application list. These round headlights are 7-inch in diameter which comes along with pair of H2 55/60 watt bulbs.

These light bulbs are the best replacement for the H6024 variant. The price of these round crystal headlights by Rugged Ridge is set at $108.99.

Rugged Ridge Rectangular Crystal H2 Headlights

Much like the prior variant, this has all the same specification except for the vehicle that is apt for and also the shape of it. These are primarily compatible best with the Jeep Cherokee and 87-95 Wrangler and even in a number of non-Jeep variants. It is completely up to the customer to do a thorough check as to which vehicles it is apt for and then proceed into buying them.

The price of these rectangular variant is set at $108.99.

Tail lights

Tail Lights are yet another important part of the entire look and functionality of a car. They are very essential and need to be in proper working conditions to avoid any kind of possible accidents just because the signal didn’t work properly. The Chrome WareHouse has four different options for you to choose from, three which we will discuss below for better insight and knowledge.

Rugged Ridge LED Tail Light Set

These LED tail lights are one of the best sellers in the website because of the affordable price and the quality of the part. It is a part made in compliance with the D.O.T and has a very unusual smoke tinted lens for that somewhat different and edgy look to the accessory. These have a very easy plug and play installation process without having to touch any of the hardware.

The LED lights are something that definitely makes the tail lights look a lot more stylish but they are generally brighter than the other variants. They give a better view of the road whilst it’s required. The traditional light bulbs normally become hot faster and even have a low durability in comparison to the LED lights which lasts longer. These sets of tail lights cost $356.99 and are definitely worth every penny.

Rugged Ridge LED Tail Light Assembly

Often a times it happens that one of the tail lights is either broken or isn’t working properly. In times like these, buying a pair of tail lights can seem a bit unnecessary when the other one is working just fine. These Rugged Ridge tail lights come in singles, each to replace either the right or the left one.

Much like the above variant, they have LED lights instead of the traditional bulbs and last quite a long time. It is a best fit for the 76-90 Wrangler but that definitely doesn’t limit there. There are a number of other cars it is suitable for. These individual pieces cost $40.99-$95.99 which is comparatively a lot cheaper than the ones in pair.

They also come in sets, which are priced from $80.99-$192.99.

Headlight bulbs

This is the specific category under the automotive lights in the Chrome WareHouse that seem to have the maximum number of options for people to be able to choose from. These headlights are all particularly the same, except for the vehicle that they are best fit for.

Evo Formance Vistas H3 White Halogen Bulbs

This specific halogen bulb is DOT approved and is almost identical to the OEM bulbs that the vehicles come with from the factories. The only difference is that these halogen bulbs are much brighter, almost 15% brighter than the normal ones which is a definitive plus point. These bulbs come with a warranty of 2000 hours which is definitely a great deal for the cheap price of $7 that you pay. They are almost compatible with most of the vehicles but it is still best to check the application list.

There are over 52 different variants that are available in The Chrome WareHouse, each of them different based on the vehicle they are fit for. It is best to check them out here for a better and clear idea on which one would be the best for your car.

Fog light covers

There are primarily five different options under the category from round to rectangular covers to guards as well. We’ll primarily look into the covers and one of the variants of the guards that are available in the website.

Rugged Ridge 3.5 inch LED Light Cover

There are a number of states that have traffic laws regarding covering of the aftermarket lights when not off-road. While this may not be something that applies to every state or country, it is best to be safe in the regard. This amber LED light cover by Rugged Ridge not just provides a covering but even protects the LED lights. These can be customised according to the vehicle they are required for and don’t cost a fortune.

They come in two variants, the circular one and the rectangular one.

Rugged Ridge Fog Light Euro Guards

These specially made fog light euro guards are the best way to protect your fog light lenses and help them last longer. This not just adds a sleek look but also fits perfectly to the area just like the factory parts. The installation is very easy without any kind of unnecessary drilling. It is also the best fit for 55-86 Jeep CJ5-CJ8 on the left side only.

Off-road light

Off-road lights are not an option but a necessity. These play a crucial role in the traffic laws and it is best to be aware if they are not acting well or causing any issues. It is always best to either get them fixed or replaced without any kind of hesitance.

There are over 70 variants under the category and each one of them are tested and are of the best quality. We are going to be focusing on the bestseller of these and help the readers and viewers get a clearer idea about it.

Rugged Ridge 7 inch Round HID Off Road Light

These off road lights are the perfect amalgamation of the High Intensity Discharge technology used in bulbs with the tradition bulbs that are used. This results in a better and brighter light with a much stronger and efficient beam which is 2-2 ½ times more powerful. These off road lights are manufactured with the corrosion free material with a proper stainless steel finish to it.

They are primarily available as single pieces but are also available in kits. While the prices are not mentioned specifically in the website itself, the buyer can get a quote while they proceed to check out.

License Lights

These are one of the newest additions to the array of automotive lights have people have often reverted themselves to buying these just to fire up the look of the car. These add a very posh look to the car and also helps in pointing the car out easily when its dark. The Chrome Warehouse has three different options to choose from.

To summarise it all

If you are looking for the best kind of automotive lights to jazz up the look of your car, the chrome car accessories are definitely the best option for you. These parts come with a company warranty and are of reasonable price which makes it easily accessible to every kind of people. There are a number of varieties to choose from and it is always best to ensure that you check the application list before purchasing any of them for the perfect fit.