The Pursuit of Excellence

Group Partners has developed a powerful and proven approach to todays most important business challenges. We are firmly on the team with the client and have no agenda other than the right outcome for the client. We were clients ourselves.

Our approach is based on long term experience in the senior decision making and board room environments of Global companies, Governments and enterprises.

Changing The Way Business Thinks & Works To Really WIN in the 21st Century

Everyone aligned to the plan - sustaining value for the long term

Our work is built collaboratively with clients and rests on a series of proven frameworks, tools and techniques. This means that we have a rapid approach to getting clients to a high value result. They are designed around the critical challenges that our clients need genuine solutions for.

Engaging - Proven - Rigorous

Strategy Creation - Planning For The Future - M&A - Developing New Vision - Aligning The Leadership - Transforming The Enterprise - Creating The New Story - Solving Business Challenges - Innovation & Creating New Value

Working together to understand, own and then sustain value and impact

Flexible & Pragmatic

Really Answering The Right Question

Our approach is always designed to suit the actual situation.

There is a high likelihood that there is an existing strategy and a set of valid intentions - business objectives that exist and a team is working to achieve it. It is also possible that we may help them create it.

These frameworks contain proven principles and critical ‘formulas’ - structures that get contextualised towards the particular need. The important distinction is that there is a specific ‘Business Equation’ and a logic contained in a dedicated framework that can be benchmarked and measured.

A Clear Focus On Excellence - Simply Applied

Each program is uniquely tailored to support each challenge or opportunity.

We will NEVER build a long term or dependent program of work. partly because we couldn't know the program of work until we start work and partly because our intention is to transfer capability to the client and not a long term assignment.

A Classic 6-8 Week Approach

  • Help create and shape the right question. The Exam Question that defines the challenge.
  • An initial assessment - This involves moving as close as we can get before we are on the ground - sharing of questions, interviews and consolidation into a foundational program and initial framework
  • Preparation for the collaborative phase - Working at the logistics and venue planning plus the interactive creative sessions themselves.
  • Creating Valuable Outcomes and Deliverables - Synthesis of all the work, packaging of a comprehensive interactive (video/audio) report and key recommendations
Our 4D™ Framework Approach - the modules and sequences

Valuable Outcomes

A blueprint for the organisation. Enabling our clients to implement the right plan - the correct answer to 21st Century Business Challenges

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