Pursuit of Passion
End Product

In this project, you will research a topic of your choice based on your interests and relate it to two curriculum standards in two subject areas. You will learn about the history of a chosen field and its current development. You will also report your personal involvement with the topic.


• Understand the relationship between personal interests and society
• Become familiar with various career and study opportunities related to interests
• Learn about the purpose of their field of study within society • Develop the essential skills of logical thinking, creative problem      solving, intellectual risk taking, and communication
• Explore unanswered questions and generate new questions
• Generate new ideas
• Build and apply critical thinking skill development

End Product

Student is expected to create a presentation in either a formal report format (may be written or typed) or a digital presention.  The end product must include the following three expanded ideas:

1) A brief history about the origin of what you are trying to pursue.  In other words, if your passion is to become a