Exploration For Spain

We will journey together and come to the top - Vasilakis Kozma Spiros(Vinay)

Are these the riches you want, your majesty? If you want these riches then listen to what I say about you funding me money and I'm absolutely sure that you will agree, your majesty.

Hola, me llamo Vasilakis Kozma Spiros. I, Vasilakis Kozma Spiros, will promise you that we will be the richest country in the whole world, your majesty. Your majesty, all you have to do is to fund my exploration and we will come to the top! Why you ask, your majesty. Well, let me start from the beginning, your majesty. Your majesty, I wish to travel at 1575 CE. I am from Cyprus, but I can speak Spanish fluently, your majesty. I, Vasilakis Kozma Spiros, wish to fund your home country, Spain, your majesty. I want to give you, King Phillip II, all of the riches I find on my exploration, your majesty. Your majesty, I know you want to find gold and I assure you that I will get a load of gold for you. My goal is to find Rare Jewels / Diamonds and give you as much as I can. Your majesty, I chose these resources because I want to be a rich and wealthy man. Since, almost everyone is poor I would want to boost my wealth and power if you allow it, your majesty. I will get you the resources and you will decide what will happen with me, your majesty. Your majesty, I chose North America because its unclaimed territory which means that getting my riches and setting up a place to stay in will not be a problem since there are no people there. If there are natives, I’m sure that there won’t be many, your majesty. England and France are trying to explore North America and we must go there first in order to get all of the goodies and to set up reinforcements, your majesty. If your troops are willing to learn Cyprus language, Greek, then we will win all of the loot because I’m sure that the other countries know Spanish, English, and French by now, your majesty. The other countries are looking for gold and they have failed to find some, your majesty. I know where gold is located and how we can obtain it so if you let me go on this exploration then you will be able to get all of the jewels and shiny rocks, your majesty. I will either slay the people who reject me and decide to fight my group, your majesty. Your majesty, if they don’t reject then I will ally with them and be first in command so they won’t do anything bad. If someone betrays me they will undergo a severe punishment (they will die), your majesty. The only obstacles are the natives/enemies and the route there because you never know what will happen, your majesty. The natives/enemies could attack or the route might be tough, but I will promise you I will overcome these obstacles, your majesty. I don't know about you, your majesty, but I'm ready to go and journey the unknown lands, your majesty. The choice is yours, your majesty. Gracias     

I have a map right here and I will show you where and how the trip is going to be which might impress you, your majesty.

We are now heading towards the new land where there are many mysteries to discover.

Your majesty when I arrived at this new unclaimed land, I didn't find any gold yet, but all of our troops will be venturing inside to see what secrets this place has to offer to us.

We didn't find any riches yet, but we did find this massive beautiful place, your majesty. If you want we will build a castle here for you if you don't mind, your majesty.

My dream is to make our country an empire like the pictures bellow, your majesty.

We have found a massive cave in this unknown land and now are going inside. We are sending in almost half of our troops and we are finding lots of iron and we are sure that we will find something even greater!!!!!

Now it's all up to destiny to see if we will be successful or not.

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