Putting Rain Water to Use In Gardening

Did the rain suddenly make you enthusiastic about gardening? It happens and when the rains provoke nature into sprouting a new look, it’s natural that you feel like having a piece of monsoon’s beauty in your backyard too. Here is how you can turn that urge into a reality.

  • Understanding types of rain water gardens

Rain water gardens are primarily of two types ones that are known as under drained and the other type is known as self-contained. Depending on the area available, the source of water and how much you plan on spending. When you have all of that figured out you are going to pick one of the two. Before you finalize the right type of rain garden you should consider the finer points regarding filling up and drainage.

  • Preparing against heavy monsoon downpour

Now if you understand the nature of rain gardens you will know that the entire garden is imported to site from a different place, so if the new plants are protected against large rain drops you can almost count on them to be deluged in no time.

  • Getting a terrace going

Flat places aren’t meant to hold water longer. When water falls in flat surfaces it rolls away to lower places and that won’t help your cause. In order to make things better and more conducive to gardening you should get a terrace going in your garden find out how that’s done and if need be take help of professional gardeners.

  • Choosing the right type of pots

As you must have figured out the usual types of pots and planters aren’t any good for the purpose of rain gardening. Your pots need to be able to contain as well as drain water better. The very best varieties of pots and tubs are available for purchase either online or from your nearest gardening store. The right type of gardening supply will make your life several times easier. Designer flower pots and LED flower pots are good options to start looking.

  • Picking correct rain gardening plants

Just as every type of pots isn’t right for the job, the same can be said of plants. All plants can withstand a lot of water because they aren’t made to do so. Talk to your local florist and find plants with fibrous roots which are better in watery conditions and won’t wither and die away in a deluge.

Author Bio: Designer flower pots made specifically for rain gardening is what you need for having your monsoon garden. Find out more about these and how you can put these to use this monsoon.