Act 5, Lady Capulet, Jennifer Lee, period 3

Act 5, Lady Capulet, Jennifer Lee, period 3. It can’t be worse than this. Mercutio, Tybalt, Juliet, and now Romeo and Paris is dead. Oh Juliet.. You were alive. Why did you choose to die again and follow Romeo? You could have live beside me. I heard from Friar Lawrence that you drank something to sleep for a long hour so that you will not be able to marry with Paris and wake up later to live with Romeo. Paris and Romeo die a tragic death while they were fighting over Juliet, and you chose to die because of Romeo’s death. I should have listen to you, my daughter and let you marry with Romeo. I was so selfish. I believe that I’m receiving a punishment for restraining Juliet’s freedom about her marriage. Friar Lawrence was right. Marriage between Romeo and Juliet could bring the freedom to both of our two houses, the Montagues and Capulets. Our prejudice toward each other made this tragic situation. Montagues promises to make a statue of Juliet so that people can see how beautiful she is. Our family is going to build a statue of Romeo beside Juliet for the Montagues. I regret so much and blame myself. I hope we don't fight anymore for death of Romeo and Juliet.

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2 years ago

@haha4176 @danielseo I feel sorry to both of you guys. It's all our adult's fault. We should have listen to you guys and let you guys marry for both of you and for the two house.