Nicolette Rojas Core 2

About Meditation

The First Thing we did was practiced deep breathing. We inhaled through are nose and exhaled through our mouth. We put our hands on our bellies to make sure we were breathing through our bellies and not our chests. We also had to clear our mind and only think of meditating (it was hard). The Second Thing we did was imagine we were on the beach and there was a door in front of use it was red with a gold door knob. We had to go through the door, the place inside the door was like a safe-haven. We walked down the yellow road when we reached a fork in the road. One way was to the Garden and the other was through the Lake. We went to the garden first. When we reached the garden there was a gate with a big lock on it, we had to find the key. When looking for the key we met an animal friend who helped use find the key (mine was a turtle). When we found the key we opened the ate and entered the garden. We found an empty spot and put three things we liked in wholes and watered them. We turned to leave and when we looked back there were already saplings growing. Then we went back to the the fork in the road and this time we went to the lake. When we got to the lake we took off our shoes and went deeper and deeper into the water until it was up to our shoulders. Then we threw the bad thought (which were rocks) deep into the lake. We got out of the water and went back to the garden with our animal friend. When we got there the saplings turned into beautiful flowers. We had to go so we shut the gate and headed back to the door. When we were 15 feet away from the door our animal friend said by and walked away. We walked to the door opened it and entered the real world again.The Third Thing we did was a full body relaxation. It was were we layed down and a women talked to us and she made our whole body fall asleep by making us feel relaxed. I was one of the "many" people who didn't fall asleep. She made use picture a wave covering are whole body

Before we meditated I was exited and nervous. I thought that meditation was really weird but I was willing to give it a try. During meditation I was really relaxed. My legs felt asleep but not the kind of asleep were you step on it and feels knifes it was a peaceful meditation. It was very calming and it felt really good to be peaceful. I will do meditation again because I think it will help me sleep better and be less tense. I also think it will make me focused on what I have to do without anyone telling me.


Meditation- is pretty much just sitting or laying down in a peaceful area and then you begin to deep breath. You also have to clear your mind when you do this.

Mantra- is the word you say when you exhale through your mouth. The people who are of a Hindu religion say Ame. That is the name of ther god.

Deep Breathing- is when you take a short amount of time to inhale through your nose and exhlale through your mouth. It has to come from the belly if you want to meditate.


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