Thesis Statement: The Sun is fascinating because it has so many layers.

           The Sun has different types of layers that all play an important role in producing it's fuel. It's Core is 27 million degrees Fahrenheit and contains 6% of the Sun's mass. The Core is located in the center of the Sun and it produces all of the Sun's energy.

What sits on top of the Core is the Radioactive Zone. In the Radioactive Zone energy travels in form of Photons. The Radioactive Zone is also very dense and is 300,000 km thick.  Atoms are so closely packed together that light takes millions of years to pass through.

           Another very important layer of the sun is the Convective Zone. It is 200,000 km thick, hot gases rise from inside while cooler gases sink towards the center. It is a region where energy is carried by convection cells.

          The Photosphere is on top of the Convective Zone, it is the Sun's visible surface. At 300 miles gases are produced so thick that you can see them.

           The Chromosphere is an irregular layer of the atmosphere above the Photosphere. It is 3,000 km thick, making the color deep red.

         The Sun has many fascinating layers that all have their own characteristics.


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