"Riding in the Outdoors"

Austin Kelley

I Believe Poem

I believe in an outdoor education,

the mud on my face,

the sound of the four-wheeler,

the new trails been made,

the riding with friends,

Riding, Passion, Success,

But not getting stuck.

I believe in spending time with family,

I believe in having fun,

I believe in hanging out with friends,

Family, Friends, Fun

And I believe in living life to it’s fullest and having fun.

My Credo Essay

My credo is about being in the outdoors because I love feeling the breeze hit me when i’m on the four-wheeler. I like been outdoors because I like to just hang out and play all day. I like to ride all day through trails with my friends and family.

It all started when my mom bought me my first four-wheeler when I was about six or seven. My mom had to teach me how to ride it and I finally got the hang of it. After that I rode day and night through trails and I still do.

I beleive in being in the outdoors because when your on the four-wheeler you feel like you can go anywhere. I like the mud flying everywhere and having to wipe the mud off my face. I feel it is important to stick to riding in the outdoors because who wants to be stuck in all day watching tv or playing video games.

No I don’t think my credo will change as I grow older because i’m always going to be an outdoors person. I think this credo will help shape my future by me getting an outdoor job. I see it evolveing by me getting more and more outdoorsy.

The credo significant to me because I love the outdoors and can’t stand to be indoors. No , I wound not because I’ll just let people be who they are, I don’t want to make someone be who their not. It would be beneficial for others to listen to these words so we could have more people doing some outdoor jobs.

By Austin Kelley

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