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- Augustus's poor father died at a young age so Julius Caesar adopted him to secure his position as Dictator of Rome. This gave a child with nothing the chance to gain power.

- When Augustus was 19, Julius Caesar was murdered leaving him with the throne, being so young he was able to rule so well.

-  With the help of his friend Mark Antony, Augustus defeated enemies in Rome and chased survivors to Greece to finish off. He was very adamant to removing toxic people from his empire

- Augustus's personality was designed to charm the Senate and those he ruled.  This caused those he ruled to favor him.

- Augustus divorced his horrible wife so he could raise his child with his true love, Livia.  

- Throughout his reign he expanded the empire through Egypt, Spain, and large parts of Europe.

- Augustus had to banish his daughter Julia because his conservative ways did not match up with his daughters actions.  He cared so much about his people, he banished anyone who was not providing to society.

- Augustus was able to end 100 years of civil war and kept peace and prosperity for nearly 40 years.

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