Where Have the Monarch Butterflies Gone?

The Monarch butterflies across the world are taking off to fly south every year. Cool right but what  if  every butterfly that leaves. That would be an issue. So where have all the monarchs gone?

"The area where Monarchs overwinter in Mexico has declined from 22 acres in 1994 to 2.9 acres in 2013. (The size of two soccer fields.) Monarch Watch reported that we've lost at least 147 million acres of Monarch habitat. That is a lot but where and when will all this go back to normal is what everyone is asking."

You can provide the monarch butterflys with habitat by growing milkweed. "While it's  important for a lot of people in California, planting milkweed in Washington helps, too," says James.

Here are 2 bad things about the butterflies leaving is

1) less pullon butterflies help spread pollon

2)no more pretty butterflies they are very pretty.

Check out the Excess Society's Project Milkweed to see more and maybe even help.


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Great job so far. Can you use buttons for your websites to help explain what they are? Can you add some headlines to explain the main points of your project. ex Possible Solutions etc?