The Good FIFA 15 is a polished

Team selection is improved too Cheap fifa 15 coins you can now adjust player positions and tactics with ease, reacting quickly in-game. Options appear during set pieces too, with goalies able to usher the team up the pitch before a kick or allowing instructions to be issued prior to taking a corner. As ever, there are loads of game modes available. Whether you dive straight in to a single match against AI or a friend, or try your hand at Seasons, 26 new Skill Games or try to take your favourite team to victory in Match Day Live, it will probably be the Career and Ultimate Team modes that will soak up most of your life.

Nothing rocks the boat too much in terms of modes, as FIFA 15 has shipped with the same suite of options as last year, but with tournament mode added back in. You’ll have the usual manager career and player career paths, and then there is exhibition, HUT, skill games and practice. It’s unfortunate that practice mode doesn’t let you play with a whole squad anymore, as I know some people used that feature to work on their playmaking and dribbling.

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