Agents of Socialization

By: Kearstin Turner

Socialization is inherritting norms

There are four main agents of socialization which are family, peers, school, and mass media. In order to live a normal life it is crucial that during the critical period you are socialized! In some cases like Genie, she was confined to her room for 10 years and was never able to talk normally and socially interact with others. To this day, Genie is still under the care of others. This is why socialization is very important!


Often times, my mom would talk to me, teaching me language.

Language is crucial to society. You have to learn how to communicate and interact with others. So, my mom would make faces at me and speak to me , making me feel loved and also teaching me how to gradually learn language. If my mom would have never done this I would not have felt as loved. Since my mom did this I am more likely in the future to talk to my kids and better socialize them.

In this, I am immitating my mom by what I'm wearing

Normally my mom wore a long fancy coat to work. I would see her dressed all professional and wanted to be just like her. So, I got my own long coat and dressed just like she normally did. This is an example of imitation. Since I wanted to Be like my mom it was important that my mom was socializing me in the right way. (Letting me wear appropriate things)

This is a photo of me spending quality time with my grandma

From a very young age, my mom and dad both taught me to care for and spend time with my elders. I always would make special trips to grandmas house just to make her smile. I grew up on the belief that you should never disrespect elders. So, I would always do as they said and help out. It's important that I learned to socialize with elders at a young age because then it could teach me how to easily make relations with others too.

I am from Lancaster, Ohio which highly has influenced how I talk and who I spend my time with.


Track keeps me on the right track

In socialization, it is very important that you are hanging out with the right peers! The sport I participate in is track and the girls on the team actually keep me and themselves on the right track. They keep me focused on running, staying healthy, and working hard for a state title! They also keep me away from all of the bad things like, drugs, and alcohol. In order to socialize properly it is always important to hang around the right peers who influence you to be a better person.

Hard work pays off

Socialization is a process of learning why you work for something. This is a picture of my 4*800 relay team who placed 2nd in the State at the Indoor State Championships. We trained all year for this moment. Its crucial to know why you work for something. This team has taught me that I work for something to get rewarded. A lot of society is based upon reward/punishments. If I never knew why I had to work for something I would never know the rewards and It would make me lazy and inactive. Peers are all about teaching you why to work so hard for something !

This is my favorite motivational ad. My peers who are mostly runners have taught me to get up every morning and really work for something. They make me push myself at practice and meets and better me as an athlete.

Manners are super important!

A lot of times my team and I go to team dinners at Noodles. They are well mannered. This means they say please and thank you and clean up any messes they might have made. This then shows me that I should be doing those same things. If I hung-out with rude friends who didnt say please and thank you I probably wouldn't say it either. I strongly encourage hanging out with the right peers who have good manners so that you can become better socialized within society.


Always raise your hand before speaking in class.

In our society we were taught to wait until the teachers done talking then, raise your hand to ask any questions. This picture depicts a student who raises her hand so the teacher ends up calling on her.  If everyone in the class raises their hand, it also teaches them to be patient when they are waiting to be called on. Raising your hand also causes others to ask questions. This then involves the whole group in discussion, teaching everyone to better interact and socialize.

Football Friday Nights provide all kinds of socializing!

At any High School, football Friday nights are crucial. This is a chance for people from the school to come together and cheer on their team. At the actual end of the game, it teaches good sportsmanship towards other players. The actual people attending dress appropriate by wearing whatever the theme might be. This teaches the students how to conform to certain groups. Finally football games do a good job of representing yourself in public, so you want to be kind, with good manners, and represent yourself and school a great.

All of our school is supportive of one another and we have many different social groups.

Gahanna Deca/Marketing Program

One program/class offered at our school that I am going to be a part of next year is DECA. This is a class of well educated and well mannered students who are close-knit. The class teaches you how to be more professional and also teaches you how to present ideas in front of a big group of people. It is a good thing that my school has this program because it prepares me for the future.

Mass Media

All matching clothes because media promotes fashion!

As a baby, my mom always dressed me in matching clothes from Gymboree (childrens clothing store) because she worked there. The store showed her that baby's are made even more cute by what they wear. So of course I had all the best/matching clothes.

10 TV News

10 TV news also does a good job with socialization. This news program does a great job of keeping central Ohio informed about weather, robberies, food recalls, etc. It makes all of Central Ohio feel like one big group and lets them know what is going on in their area!

My favorite Childhood TV show taught me to behave properly.

The cartoon Scooby Doo was my favorite show as a child. Every time Scooby would catch a bad guy he would receive a scooby snack so that's like in our society, being rewarded for something good that you have done.This show also judged some people by the way they looked as being the bad guy but they had to take off many masks to find the real bad guy. So, this taught me by the end of the show to not judge someone by how they look. Finally, this show taught me how friends could work together to solve a problem.

In this brief clip, it shows that when scooby is given a reward (scooby snack) he does something good! It also shows that each time, scooby expects more snacks, so it is important not to give your kids everything they want or they will always expect more.

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