Hitler's Dawn and Dusk

The Military Rise and Fall of One of History's Evilest Men

World War Two was a hard fought battle between many European countries. The war was started thanks to a man by the name of Adolf Hitler. Hitler made promises to a broken Germany that change was on its way, but they knew very little of his planned agenda.

Hitler started the war by invading Poland in September 1939, along with his ally the USSR. After this unexpected, unruly invasion, England and France then declared war on what has become known as the Axis Powers.

By June of the very next year, the newly formed Axis Powers had control of much of Europe. Hitler continued his tirade in the fall of that year at the Battle of Britain. He continuously hammered London, using his strategy of 'blitzkrieg'. This strategy involved him relentless striking London with bombs, trying to wear down the British morale. His strategy worked for awhile, until the Lend-Lease Act was passed on March 11, 1941, enabling the United States to give armaments to their friendly neighbor of Britain.

In June of 1941, Hitler betrayed his ally the USSR and invaded the country. The Soviets manage to hold off the German invasion. The Axis Powers have been weakened. Along with this betrayal, Hitler now faced a war on two fronts, the Eastern and the Western. Sounds similar to Napoleon doesn't it?

Due to Japan's surprise attack on the United States naval base at Pearl Harbor, the United States had officially joined the war. Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Winston Churchill met and decided what the best strategy is to win the war. Not only do the allies have to fight Germany, but also Italy. The two leaders decide on a "Defeat Hitler First" strategy.

By May of 1943, the Germans were pushed out of North Africa, this was thanks to a planned attack to invade through the South. The Allies entered Europe, coming up through Italy. This major victory kept Germany from controlling Middle East oil.

The most famous and or largest amphibious naval operation came on D-Day or June 6, 1944. American and British forces began the liberation of Europe at Normandy beach in France. Still to this day it is the largest amphibious naval operation in modern warfare history.

Hitler was not about to take this attack standing down, of course he had a counter plan. The Germans gave it all they had at the Battle of the Bulge. Germans tried hard and valiantly to push out the invading allied forces. They succeeded by pushing the allies into France, however they were outnumbered and out of resources.

Hitler, facing defeat, and the invasion of the Allies on both sides, committed suicide on April 30, 1945. Using a cyanide pill and shooting himself in the head, he ended not only his life, but also his legacy.

On May 8, 1945, V-E Day or Victory in Europe Day was declared. The war in Europe was over.

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