The Glass Castle



Throughout the story, the kids strive to learn and figure out things on their own. They often wander to find something to do. We see this specifically on page 63 when Brian and Jeannette were spying on the Green Lantern to see what was there and why their parents would not tell them what was going on there.


Throughout the whole story the kids and parents have to forgive one another for what they have done to each other or what they might have said to each other. Like when the main character Jeanette had fell out of the car and her father didn't come back and get her until later or when Jeanette's dad was teaching Jeannette to swim and nearly let her drown.



At the beginning of the story, Jeannette is in a cab;on her way to a party and she see's her mother digging through a trashcan looking for valuables so then she stops her a plans a dinner for two so that they can discuss how Jeannette's mother needs help.

Rising Action:  

When Jeannette meets her mother at her favorite Chinese restaurant and they discuss why Jeannette's mother was digging through the trashcan when she has family and enough money to have a house and food.

Falling Action:

Jeannette's mother explained that instead of buying expensive things and having a big house she could just save all of her money and live on the streets and eat food for free. Jeannette's mother tells Jeannette to leave her alone because she didn't need her help with anything because her and her husband are fine alone.


At the end of the story, Jeannette accepts her family for what they do and how they act.


This is Jeannette's mother, she has a lot to carry on her back in the story. One example is how she has to struggle with having three kids and her husband is not able to keep a job, but yet she has to keep her kids, husband and home all in order. Her kids motivate her to keep trying so that they can settle down and stay where they are and have a life. Jeannette's mother is important in this story because she somewhat keeps the family together and she has a stable job as a teacher and is providing for the family.


This is Jeannette's father, he also has a lot of struggle in this story. One example of his struggle is that he can not keep a job and he always has his family on the move from city to city and state to state. His kids motivate him to keep trying so that he can keep them safe from whoever is following them. Jeannette's father is important in this story because he keeps the family safe from the trouble that is keeping him on the road and on the move.


Jeannette is one of the main characters in this story and has some of the most struggles. Jeannette gets motivated by seeing her father and mother get through their struggles. One example of her struggle is when she had fallen out of the car and waited hours for her father to come back to get her. Another example is when she had set the hotel room on fire and didn't know what to do


Chinese Restaurant - Where Jeannette and her mother had met up after Jeannette had saw her digging in a trashcan looking for food and more things.

Important Quote

" If your don't want to sink, you better learn how to swim." (page 66)
That quote mostly means that if you don't want help or do something wrong then you have to figure out how to do it on your own.

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