When a Charter Comes to Town!

Ethic of Community

White County is a small rural community in northeastern Alabama. It has a total population of 20,106. Where hometown folks still asks “Who are your people?” However, the county is the 15th largest geographically and one of the most economically deprived. The average income is undeniably one of the poorest districts in the state at $17,096 per year. The highest paying jobs are the school district, law enforcement, and the hospital with the exception of the local executive positions. Local businesses that once provided an image of life in the downtown area now replaced with vacated buildings like an old western waiting for a shoot-out.

Wrangler Charter School Opens its Doors

Ethic of the  

In the early 21st Century the White County Schools was identified as one of the lowest performing school districts in the lowest 10% of the state’s low-performing schools. The District and School Transformation Department within the state’s education department was deployed to the district to assist with reviving the dismal testing scores that had been churned out more than 3 years under the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) model. More than 85% of its students were economically disadvantaged, high school graduation rate lower than the state and high teacher turn-over rate.

Ethic of Justice

  • 1. Student began school in August
  • 2. October placed on half-days
  • 3. January placed on home-bound
  • 4. Student was never visited by certified staff
  • 5. Student did not receive any grades and missed an astronomical number of days

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