Gagandeep Singh: Characteristics of an Entrepreneur

One of the most enticing and difficult jobs in our modern economy is that of an entrepreneur. There has never been a more opportune or easier time in history to become an entrepreneur, as technology has created a wide host of new goods and services that are less capital-intensive to produce and are constantly demanded. Entering the market as an entrepreneur is easy; however, the difficult part is staying in business.

Gagandeep Singh, an engineering student at Hofstra University in New York, is a person who displays entrepreneurial qualities at an early age; we would be wise to listen to him when he speaks of qualities that every successful entrepreneur should possess. He runs his own scaffolding company, J&G General Contracting Inc., and has experienced success in this role. He has also worked as a salesperson for Go Jay Financial; conducting sales is a big part of being an entrepreneur, at least in the beginning stages.

One quality that every entrepreneur must possess, says Gagandeep Singh, is self-direction. An entrepreneur must be able to wake up in the morning and begin working without the direction or pressure of a boss. Because an entrepreneur is essentially on the clock at all hours, it is important for them to reach a balance in which he or she has leisure time yet working hours are extremely productive.

Another quality that an entrepreneur must possess, explains Gagandeep Singh, is a positive attitude. Not only is the entrepreneur the face of the company and the first impression that all outsiders have of the company, but there will inevitably be many roadblocks along the way that must be overcome.

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