Nicholis Rosado


1. I value the U.S.Military , I want to be a United States Marine one day , or a MLL player. I want to join to join the Marine Corps because I want to be something in life. The Marine Corps is looked at like the toughest in the U.S. Military , the most disciplined and trained of the armed forces. The Marine Corps is the nations first line of defense , and if you do something wrong to the country there the last people you want to see coming through your door. And that reputation has been well earned over the past.

2.] I value family , I feel like there is nothing better than family. Family is supposed be close , there supposed to be the ones you go to when your down. I love to value my family because that's where you came from and who you are. Always be close with your family because you don't know when you will need them the most.

3. I value my health , I want to live as long as I can. So I stay active playing sports like lacrosse and football. Lacrosse got me in shape quick as well as football. I love playing both because they both have physical and contact sports. I want to stay in shape for me and for my future career.  .} I value my health , I believe health is very important. I believe staying in shape is key to living a longer and more healthy life. So I play sports to stay in shape , and I also try to eat health. I try not to eat out at fast food restaurants as much. Your health determines your quality of life and how you live. Being healthy makes you have a better self esteem, it makes you feel good about yourself.

I value my education! I think education is very important becuase you need it to make money in life. Education is very important, the higher education you have the more the better you look as a person. I also beleive We people in today's world are not valued as much .human values are gradually decreasing in such cases ,we must adapt certain principles to lead our life in flying colors .No matter ,when launching our successful principles how much people hesitate us.The value education plays a vital role in young minds to make the world better place to live.

I value the charateristics of respect. Respect shows alot in a person , I would expect the to be treated like a young adult. I show my respect with manners. For example I say please and thank you to people , I am calm when speaking to people. I show my respect to my schhol by representing myself as a young adult , which means I am respectful to all my pears and people around me. I beleive that all men and woman should be treated with the same respect. Showing respect makes you look better as a person.

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