How to Build a Universe

By Elizabeth

First you need a very flat surface. You can use dust and gas and make it in seconds. A whole new Universe can be very big galaxy! A star just doesn't make light it also makes brand new ingredients and the star will help, make the accrual universe.

How it all works

If a big  star  explodes its a super nova explosion it spews all that stuff and all those things you made are all the carbon or iron those kind of things it spews it out like as dust and particles.


A super nova Explosion

If you made over 300 billion stars put them all together and you make a galaxy!

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Hydrogen was the only thing that existed in the darkness after the big bang. The hydrogen squeezes the heat with such force that it ignites creating star and light. The stars will help make the universe. Imagine the sun in the centre of the track providing the gravity to pull around a whole host of rocks of different sizes.

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