Ideal Classroom

Elementary School Classroom

In this classroom there are many aspects that can make it an ideal room. The classroom is equally spread out and there is many room for storage and aspects that make it a clean, appropriate room. I enjoy group work so I very much like the tables. The technology in the room is appropriate. I think that maybe there should be one more computer because in order to do research and there should be an extra computer. I like that the square rug and the cirle rug are seperated which allow for a comfortable learning environment. I think that the way the chairs and tables are set up are good for viewing the projector and the smart board. The Tv is in a good position also because it allows for movable room to the circle rug that is good for educational videos. I would most definately be setting up my classroom like this. I read two articles which both discussed the importance of having the technology in assesible areas which allow for the best learning experience in the classroom. Those two articles are listed below and both of them have positive aspects of what a classroom technology should look like.

Creating Student-Centered Classrooms with Technology

Teachers Beliefs and Practices Using Technology in The Classroom

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