On My Honor

  When Joel  woke up his parent were up and fixing breakfast.He got out of bed and walked downstairs to the kitchen,"good morning sleepy head" said Joe's mom."Why are you guys up  so early?" Said Joel . Well, we have to go to Tony's funeral. joel said ok, when is breakfast going  to be ready? "right now".

      I ate all of my breakfast, then mom made me take a shower so i would look  nice for the funeral. My mom got out my suit out while I was in the shower.I got all dressed up and made my hair so nice that my hands were stuck together from the gel.

      Somebody  knocked on the door,my dad answered it .It was Mrs.Zabrinsky,she was out of breath , with  dress clothes on.In a hurry she said " quick come with me."I yelled for mom . "Why my dad said "just come on." So we all got in mr and mrs Zabrinsky's car,where are you taking us? Mrs Zabrinsky was on the phone,she hung up. "They think they have found Tony." She yelled Everybody was in shock! "But where?" Said Joel "The fire department." We finally arrived at the fire department. We all got out in a rush,we all ran into the door. Mrs Zabrinsky asked the man at the desk if they have a young boy named Tony! He said are you mrs Zabrinsky? "Yes." she said. Come with me, he said.When we went outside with the man there was a ambulance sitting there,we all ran to it.The paramedics opened the door... It was Tony! Tony was alive! I couldn't believe it.

      The paramedics said 2 people at a time in the ambulance. So mr and mrs  Zabrinsky went in first,it felt like 5 days before they ever come out. Then my mom and dad went in,i told everyone that i wanted to go in alone.

     I could bearly even go in the ambulance to see Tony, but i knew i had to. So I finally stepped into the ambulance,when i got all the way in I about started crying for what I made Tony go thrue! "Hey,how you doing buddy?" He didn't answer for a minuet. Then he finally said "Im ok,I geuss. I didn't really know what else to say because i felt so ashamed! I wanted to just run away!

                                                                                  Carlee Gregg