Unexpected Stabbing from Student at a Pennsylvania High School Early Last Week

A unexpected stabbing in suburban Pennsylvania area. Alex Hirbal, 16 years of age made two threatening phone calls the night before the tragedy, the next day in school Hirbal stabbed 21 students and one of the security guards at this high school. Students who knew Hirbal said he was a quiet boy, and he kept to himself but he wasn't an "outcast" people knew exactly who he was not because he stood out but because he was in one way or another a typical teenager. No information has been shared about his parents, but Hirbal's lawyer refused to answer phone calls regarding the search warrant. Fifteen FBI agents, two police officers and one detective searched Hirbal's house. They confiscated many electronics that this family owned, including; xbox, wii, play station, ipod, ipad, and three computers. During the search in the attackers house they found two knives missing from a Chicago Cutlery Wooden Black Knife Holder. When searching Hirbal's locker they found his cell phone in has back pack, no evidence yet just the two phone calls prior the attack.

The picture above is one of the stabbing victims to this attack, he said Hirbal was "charging" up the hallways with the two knives slicing people, this particular student got stabbed in the back, but he is recovering and doing all right and he plans on dancing at prom. Along with this student Hirbal attacked 20 others and a security guard.

School stabbings and shootings seem to be occurring more often in recent events. It seems that stuff like this keeps happening because students know what they can get away with and what they can't get away with. Hirbal obviously got away with stabbing the students but the after math did not work out to well for him. They are sentencing Hirbal to prison being charged as an adult with four counts of attempted homicide and twenty one counts of aggravated assault.

In a situation like this everybody is being affected, students, parents, teachers, kids, adults, EVERYBODY. You never know who somebody truly is until they do something you would never expect them to be. A lot of students have fears to go back to school now because they don't know what is going to happen and who it is going to happen to. It's a life changing tragedy to think that a sixteen year old boy would come to school with two knives and stab a handful of people. It frightens teachers as well, not too long ago there was a killing of a teacher in Danvers, MA. It really does affect everybody because parents could be scared to send their kids back to school and make them home schooled students but that could also interfere with their social life, social skills etc. Students could be scared themselves to go back, teachers could be scared, the situation leaves everybody with so many unanswered questions and that's the hardest part to deal with.

         Sociology Perspectives

In the Functionalist view this situation is hard to look at because in order to "function" properly you need to benefit the situation. The school functions because of all the students in it but the schools reputation will go down because in some peoples perspectives it looks like there could some seriously mental students who attend that school. But that's not true, because this could happen anywhere as we've already seen before in recent incidents. The conflict view deals with inequality and different interests. Hirbal clearly did have different interests from other students. This certain perspective focuses on the negative, and this is the negative, this view encourages you to stand up for what you believe in or what you think should be done. The last perspective is the Feminist view. This just separates men from women and what society thinks of them, in a high school stabbing like this people would most likely look to more of a young man doing this rather than a girl not because boys have more power but boys have more courage, or think its cool to do this kind of stuff. There could be a situation where a girl does do something like this but it is very uncommon for us to see.

I think that parents are going to start home-schooling their kids. Not because schools "bad" but because school can actually be very dangerous, you could send your child off to school like a regular day and get a phone call saying that your child "has been shot, stabbed" etc. Everybody does put their life in danger every day, now a days anything could happen and you just have to be prepared but some new parents probably aren't going to send their kids to school for this particular reason. I am even scared going to school now because there is quiet kids here and you honestly don't know what could happen. People could say "I doubt that would happen you go to a private school" but what honestly makes catholic school kids different from public school kids? Not everybody who goes here is catholic and there's definitely catholic kids that go to a public school, it's not based on who the kid is at school it's based on who the kid is at home, and how they were brought up and what they deal with on a daily basis that a lot of people would not understand.

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