Manufactured Fibers

Manufactured fibers are fibers that are man made (synthetic) and are created by combining various substances with chemicals.

Cellulose manufactured fiber is made from cellulose from plants like a soft wood pulp and are changed into usable fibers by applying chemicals.

Noncellulosic manufactured fibers are made from various petrochemical mixtures of crude oil, natural gas, air, and water.

A combination of two or more fibers that maximizes the best features of each fiber.

Examples would be combining cotton with polyester, or mixing two different colors making a combination of fabrics or things become one solid product.

Manufactured FIbers Continued ...

Manufactured, or functional fiber, cannot be digested fiber isolated from plant sources that has beneficial effects on your body, including relaxation, when added to low-fiber foods, says the USDA. Isolated forms of pectin, gums, resistant starch and insulin are used in processed foods for their thickening and stabilizing properties. Pectin, for example, is extracted from citrus or apple peels and added to jams and yogurts to thicken them. Manufactured fiber does not provide the vitamins and minerals found in food sources of fiber, as it is removed from these foods.

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