Egyptians broke the land into two parts the black land and the red land. The black land is full of fertile soil.They used the soil for growing crops. It was good soil because the Nile river flooded and gave the fields nice and rich wet soil. The red land was the barren desert that protected Egypt on two sides. The Nile river flows from south to north through Egypt. In the Nile Valley, the Delta flooded because all of the rain and mud flooding up the Delta. Also the Nile is the longest river in the world. Also the desert protected the people from intruders because it was so hot. Some land features are mountains hills plains valleys and deserts.


The Egyptions made papyrus paper. They also built boats to ride in the nile river. They used the so called irrigation systems. Pluss they hunted with arrows, and bows. They used a form of writing called hieroglyphics. They built pyramids for the kings tomb. Also they used chariots that has horses attached to a rope to get around. All the pharohs and citizens created art. Also they made mummies.


It shows the 6 parts of the social pyramid the 1st one is the pharaoh the 2nd one is the viziers the 3rd one is the high priest and nobles the 4th one is the officials and scribes the 5th one is the craftsman and the last one is the slaves,laborers,and peasants they all represent the people in Egypt.


Anubis he was the god of funeral and death. Anubis also supervised embalming and was believed to have embalmedOsiris. Ra was the god of creation ancient egyptians that he created world and that the rising sun was a symbol of creation and renewal. Osiris was the god of the underworld. He was killed by his jealous brother seth who wanted to take his place as king. egyptians believed that he was showed as human.Horus is a sky god.He was the son of Osiris and isis. He fought seth after seth killed his father.

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