Back To The Jurassic

Me and my friends were sitting outside of the school talking about what we were going to do over the weekend. Then, my friend John walks up to me and my friends with a mysterious notebook. "What does that notebook do?" I thought about my stupid question because everyone knows that you "Well Tommy, it's a magic notebook. Anything that you write in it comes true." said John. "Watch this." said John as he flips the pages of his notebook to the next clean page and writes, "I wish for a flying walrus". All of a sudden, a giant walrus flew out of the notebook! The bell then rings and dismisses us to leave. After the round of laughter, everyone decides to go inside. John walks in, but leaves his notebook sitting outside on the picnic table. Without thinking of the consequences, I picked up the notebook and inside I write, "I wish to see the dinosaurs". All of a sudden, everything goes gray and black and I'm losing my vision and I become unconscious.

I wake up, and I'm not at the school anymore. "Where am I? Am I in some weird prehistoric time?" All of a sudden, a pterodactyl zips over my head. Well, that answers my question. "Wow! Let me see what kind of dinosaurs I can find!" For a couple of hours , I walk around to see what I could find. I then find a Tyrannosaurus Rex! He was sort of a swampy green color and very scaly. I wave at the T-Rex and he smiles at me as he tries to wave back even though he can't because of his arms. I can't help but notice that two of his teeth are missing and the rest of his teeth were sharper than a needle. "Wow a T-Rex in person! I will call you Timothy and you shall be my Timothy." I took out my phone and I took a "selfie" with the dinosaur. I surely thought me and the T-Rex would be best friends. But boy was I wrong. "All of this walking sure is making me hungry." I look in my pocket to find that i still have a bit of my sandwich left. I take a bite and the T-Rex looks me straight in the eye. He then growls...

"Calm down buddy..." I say to the T-Rex thinking he would understand. he then charges after me! I run to try and find somewhere to hide. I see the notebook in the distance as I am running! "Thats it! Thats how I will get out of here! I grab the notebook. I look back and the T-Rex was still chasing me! As I was running, I scribble in the notebook, "I wish to go to 2015 and be back at school!". Suddenly, everything went black.

"Tommy?". "Tommy!". "Are you alright?". What happened?". I sit up and all of my friends are gathered around me. "Well John, do you know that notebook that you had?". "Yeah?" said John obviously confused at what I meant. I pull out my phone and show everyone the "selfie" that I took with the dinosaur. "Don't leave it to where somebody can get it". I said, trying to contain my laughter. Everyone started laughing.

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