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Watershed - example from http://www.co.elk.pa.us/conservation/watersheds.htm

A watershed is when water from high altitudes combine to make larger rivers and eventually empty out into a large body of water. Water may go down mountains.

From Teaching Great Lakes Science, main focus is the source

The source is where the water originates from in a watershed, hence its name.

RecycleWorks Kids, main focus is the mouth

From all the water that combines, it empties out somewhere, which is where the mouth comes in. The mouth is where the water empties out.

From United States Department of Agriculture, a watershed with a divide

A divide is a part of a watershed that, well, divides two streams.

The Great Basin, from Britannica Kids

The Great Basin is a watershed that doesn't empty out into an ocean. This is a mountain watershed that first started forming in the early Paleozoic Era.

This is a video from the Great Basin National Park, which shows how the Great Basin was formed.

From Lake County Ohio, an example of a headwater

A headwater is where water may be a source. Light is usually blocked around these areas, which stops life from occurring very often in the streams. Head waters are like miniature waterfalls.

Actually from TripAdvisor, a downriver

A downriver is the direction of a river going, well, down.

From VermontStudy, a stream flowing into another stream, or a tributary.

A tributary is the point where a river or stream flows into another river or stream.

From a website with the name KimMelin, this depicts a floodplain

A floodplain is the land near a river that is flooded many times when the river overflows.

Sacramento Delta from Wikipedia, edited to fit page

Deltas are points in which water stops flowing, and sediments picked up from the water drop off.

Another image from Wikipedia, this time of an estuary

Estuaries are points in which fresh water meets up with salt water.

U.S.G.S.'s image of a confluence

The point in which streams meet is called a confluence

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