Some Underrated Holiday Destinations

Summers are just around the corner, and everyone has started to look out for new and intriguing destinations to spend their holidays. Our planet is a huge place, and covering every possible location on earth is a task that is next to impossible. Additionally, with over 1000s of beautiful and intriguing destinations spread across the globe, it can become really difficult to narrow down a place to spend your much awaited holidays.

In order to make your choice simpler here is a small list of three of the world’s most intriguing and unexposed holiday destination that ever existed. These are some of the most exotic destinations too, so ensure you have a really good travel insurance policy covering you, in case something was to go wrong.


Located in the Norwegian Sea of the Arctic Circle, this one of a kind city is a place Norway loves to boast about to its tourists. With some of the most amazing jagged peaks and quaint fishing hamlets, Lofoten is a destination that stands in a league of its own. This place is a coagulation of several tiny islands and the surreal shimmering waters surrounding it, making the feel of Lofoten even better.


Switzerland takes immense pride in its buildings and attractions which are popularly known as ‘Jungfraujoch’ in the local language. Other attractions of Switzerland include the highest possible railway station that is located at 2,300 feet below the 13,642-foot summit of the Jungfrau, the third highest peak in the Bernese Alps. Also the Swiss chocolates are something that have made a mark all over the world, so make sure you have a bite of the real chocolate in its freshest form.

The Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic

This is a location that offers some of the wildest views on Oregon’s rugged and rocky coastline. This 12-mile stretch of the Highway 101 offers you a view to die for. Additionally, the 345-foot-high Thomas Creek Bridge is a one of a kind bridge that you have to look for a while in the state.