at Bhutan

This is one of the many places to visit in Bhutan. People would like to visit this temple when they go to the olympics.
This is another temple you can visit in Bhutan.
This is a resort you can stay in when you go to the olympics.
These are a set of mountains you can visit when you go to the Olympics in Bhutan.
this is 120$ a night
this is 70$ a night
This is 90$ a night

Places that with give you authentic food
-Ambient Cafe-
:This cafe with serve you steak:
-Seasons Pizzeria-
:This place will serve you pizza:
-Cloud 9 Gourmet Burger-
:This place will serve you burgers:
-Sonam Tshoey Ice Cream and Sorbet-
:This place will serve you Ice Cream:
-Buhtan Orchid Restaurant-
:This place will serve you Meat loaf:

3 different Places where the olympic events can be held
:Paro Taktsang:
:Tashichho Dzong:
:Punakka Dzong:

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Places that with give you authentic food

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-Ambient Cafe-

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