Anahi Mendez

Once upon a time there was a girl named Zoey she was very happy with her life. She was 16 years old. She went to school in Miami. She loved it their she had a lot of friends. She has a best friend her name is Sky. One day Zoey Sky were going to the mall they saw the most cutest boots there were only one pair. They both said they wanted a pair, so they went into the store an they asked how much the shores were. The shoes were $100 dollars. Then they asked to by a pair. The store clerk said they only have one pair. Then he said that they next shipping insent till next month. Zoey and Sky said they wanted the shoes now.

Then It was the next day, Zoey went over to Sky's house. When they saw beach other they said that there parents are going to let them get the shouse. Sot ran when they said that at the same time, Sky said I am going to get the last pair then Zoey said no the last pair was going to be hers. So then they got into a huge argument about who was going to get the last pair. They got so mad that Zoey left Sky's house and slammed the door shut.

It was two days later it was Zoeys birthday. She wanted her birthday to be at the pool so when they went to the pool Sky did not show up. Zoey's parents asked her where Sky at Zoey told thema about the fight.

Then it was the next day beacouse they we're fighting when Zoey went to the store to by them they were gone then when she went home she went to her room after she ate her lunch and there was a present for her on her bed. She like dear it then she read the car it said To: Zoey but it did not say who it was from.

It was the next day she went to down stairs and she asked her mom how did you know that I wanted these. I didn't her mom says. We'll then she went to her dad's office and she said did you get me these here dad said no me and your mom gave you all your gifts yesterday. Then she thought in her head for a while and said well If mom adm dad did not give me them. Then who did.

Then it was the next day and she went over to Sky's house and she knocked on the door and Sky answered and she talked to her and Sky was the one who got the shoes. Then Sky and Zoey went to Zoey's house and Zoey had a present for Sky it was a pair of shouse. Sky was confused she asked Zoey how did you get the shouse. Zoey said I had to pay extra for the one in the widow.

It was the next day Zoey and Sky meet up and they both wore the same shoes. Zoey and Sky lived happily ever after.

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