Michael's Milk

Michael Leger April 22nd


Michael's Milk is a dairy company that specializes in selling unique types of milk. We don't grow our own milk, we do use growth hormones, and we don't follow regulations. We take the risks of our customer's safety to make sure the milk taste amazing!


Michael's Milk does not make it's own milk. We buy it in bulk from other companies and sell it as our own! Our most popular products are our Snickers Milk and our Donut Milk. We can't buy a lot each month or it'll raise suspicion with the police!

Costs : We can't spend more than $8,000 crates of each type of milk (to avoid suspicion). Each crate holds 5 gallons of Snickers Milk and 6 gallons of Donut Milk. A crate of Snickers cost $20 and a crate of Donut costs $30. We sell Snickers for $5 per gallon and sell Donut for $6 per gallon. But we can't hold more 350 crates of Snickers and 250 crates of Donut due to the size of our garage.

X = Snickers          Y = Donuts

Snickers come 5 gallons in a crate                          Donuts come 6 gallons in a crate

Pay: $20 per case                                                      Pay: $30 per case

Sell: $5 per gallon                                                      Sell: $6 per gallon


4x + 5y = Cost

5x + 6y = Sell

- Profit = Selling - Cost

x + y = Profit

- Restrictions

y ≤ 250

x ≤ 350

20x + 30y ≤ 8000

x ≥ 0

y ≥ 0


(0, 250)

(25, 250)

(350, 33.3)

(350, 0)

350 gallons of Snickers Milk, 33 gallons of Donut Milk

Profit = $383

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