Cherokee life

Cherokee People

This Is a Cherokee winter house the were mounds that had grass on top and were held up by wooden beams. Because it is winter they have to be warm the Cherokee took back their home when the Americans got them out of our country.                                                                                              Also when they left america established laws so the Europeans were forced back to England and we became a free country.The Cherokees love that they have there old home back they still live there old way of life they like to hunt and trade with modern people for there supplies and food weapon swords and rarely cars and sometimes the Americans bring back the Idians to Cities.

Cherokee people are excellent farmers  and there are fields of pumpkins squash and beans.They also gather plants herbs an berries also when on hot day when they are done hunting they like to eat Gooseberries.                                                       For dinner they eat turkey deer and even bear men for Ceremonies they wore deerskin leggings with jewelry and that wore feather hats and paint and rarely makeup . THey had a government to that had a house specially for them called a council house and they had meetings and ceremonies.

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