Recently I created a robot that was able to draw. It was a difficult process but I got it to work. Using a cup, a battery powered toothbrush, rubber bands and multiple markers. I did not brainstorm an idea for my artbot before creating it, I simply just took my needed materials and started creating my artbot. At first I had absolutely no idea as to how I was going to use these materials and form them into a robot that could draw. then I started thinking and found out that the battery powered toothbrush actually vibrates, allowing it to move around. So i then took the cup and created a hole in the side,(i needed to make a small enough hole for the toothbrush to hold still) I put the toothbrush inside and turned it on. Luckily it did work and the cup moved in a straight motion on the paper. I then figured I could use the rubber bands to help keep the marker in place while the marker was attached to the end of the toothbrush. I turned on the toothbrush and BAM a robot that could draw was just created. What an accomplishment!

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