How History Influenced Star Wars

Day 2

The Storm trooper from the Star Wars Saga is often compared to the Nazi. They both shared the aspect that they were very uniform. People thought of Nazi soldiers as clones of each other because they all acted the same way and seemed like mindless clones.

Anakin Skywalker may have been a reference to Jesus. Anakin was the "Chosen One" that would save everyone from the Separatists and Jesus would save everyone from Hell. Also Anakin's mother claimed to have conceived Anakin without a father

Darth Vader's helmet was designed to be a mix between a Japanese and German World War II helmet. Also part of a German gas mask.

Luke and Anakin like Jesus were tempted by evil. Jesus was tempted by Satan, but overcame the temptation. Sad to say Anakin was tempted by the dark side and subsided becoming part of it. Luckily Luke also overcame temptation even when it was coming from his own father.

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