Mrs. Vande Hei's Newsletter
Dec. 1-5

Winter Concert

Your children did an amazing job singing at their first elementary concert! I was so proud of all of them for getting up in front of so many people and singing their hearts out. I am sure those songs will ring throughout your homes for the next month!

Literacy Corner

This week, we focused on the letter "C". Some students even figured out that the "C" can make 2 different sounds! We talked about sequencing of events in our stories and also different story elements such as the characters, setting, events, problem, and solution. We also continue to work on the correct formation of our letters. Some students are slipping into bad habits. We need to correct that this year or it will be harder for them in years to come. In writing, we are working on our ideas, spacing, and strectching out our words; listening to all of the sounds we hear and writing the letters that go with them. Keep reinforcing this at home!

Read 20 Minutes

Yes, this is the most important part of your day with your child! Your child needs YOU to read with them and listen to them read to you. It is also important to talk to them about what they are reading. Ask them questions about their story. Get them thinking about their book!

Math Corner

In Math this week, we reviewed our shapes by completing our shape book. We continue to learn and discuss the difference between 2D and 3D shapes: "They're flat, not fat!" We worked on following directions with patterns and solved word problems with our cookies and cookie jar activity. As a class, we wrote equations and did addition and subtraction problems on dry erase boards. We are also continuing our number recognition to 20, counting to 100 by 1's, 5's, and 10's.

Cookies Anyone?

Our cookie themed week wouldn't be complete without spending some time learning about how to bake cookies. Friday the students took turns rolling out dough and cutting out cookies. Later, they were able to design the cookies they wanted to take home to their family. Earlier in the week, we read a book about a boy who play tricks on his family with clay cookies. The children also made their own clay cookie to bring home. I hope the cookies on Friday tasted better!

Important Dates

Friday, December 12th: Early Release 1:20
Tuesday, December 23rd: Bay Port Singers 2:00
Wednesday, December 24th-January 4th: Winter Break No School
Monday, January 5th: Return to School