Summer Time!!!
Rollie Snowberger

I had a good summer. I didn't do that much until fair week came. I help my cousins out with there horses they showed in fair, then in the middle of fair week I swerved to miss a deer on the way home and put my truck in the ditch and almost flipped it. Then after fair was over I had a fun time going fishing with my friends and family. The pictures I have are a couple of the bigger fish I caught. Then I had some spare time to shoot my crossbow and get it sighted in for deer season. The next picture is of me and my brothers girlfriends little brother Inriqa and his face got a huge smile when I let him drive the mower.  Then the last picture is a picture of my 12 year old step brother Cody Green. He passed away to cancer 2 years ago so each year I take time to think of him and every year I tie a note to a balloon and send it up to him. That is how I spent my summer.

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