Solutions to Illegal Immigration

Immigration in the US is a big deal, from cultural to economy

Here are some solutions for illegal immigration:

1. Maintain and increase efforts to enhance border security
  • US and Mexican government has to agree on laws about making sure that borders are fully secured
  • US Border Patrol and US Coast Guard have to make sure that there aren't any immigrants being smuggled here by sea or cars, trucks and vans
2. Reject some amnesty
  • Amnesties are given out so much to immigrants that cross over to the US illegally making other people want to come over to the US illegally

3. Make immigration and work visa programs support the US economy

  • There are so many immigrants that come here illegally but it doesn't really benefit the US's economy
  • Through this process, you caps on H-1B visas for skilled workers and making the visa system easier to navigate. Thus, drawing more skilled workers to the U.S. Additionally, as mentioned above, the U.S. should have a temporary-worker pilot program to meet the needs of U.S. companies while preventing workers’ dependence on government

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