Pacific Coast academy

Welcome to Pacific Coast Academy  school

Our Mission is provide students with the best  education available and for our student to  be able to  explore their own talents whether it be in sports,music,drama or art. At our school we provide students with opportunities for educational use or recreational use.

Pacific Coast Academy information

Our school is a coed school and is a boarding school located on the sunny coast pf los angles California.

Tuition for Evolution high is 2,000 for 4 years

Pacific Coast Academy has 650 students currently attending

Admissions- We only accept incoming freshman. We do not except transfer students. Admissions to evolution high is lottery. We only accept 200 students a year.To be accepted students have to come to the open house and take the HAP(high schools admissions exam)

At Pacific Coast Academy we teach everything from biology to history. Our programs cover a very  wide range of subjects and we  make sure our student have a great understanding of all the subjects.

Pacific Coast Academy offers many programs including: Study abroad program,Medical program,Tutoring program,Buddy program,and many more.

Study abroad program- In this program freshman get a chance for the next three years to study a language and travel to a country at the end of the junior year.

Medical program- this program allows students to work side by side with professionals in the medical profession they choose.

Tutoring program-This program allows eligible seniors to tutors those who need help in academic studies.

Buddy program- Inn this program it allows freshman to have a buddy senior who gives them the tour of the campus and helps them adjust to high school life.

We also provide a variety of sports programs


Campus Lifestyle

Our students life starts approximately at 8:30 every weekday. Students have to sign in everyday at the main office before lunch time.Students are given key cards to every building and every building is monitored daily to how many times students enter the building. If students do not attend their classes they are first given 2 warnings and they are followed up by an immediate expulsion. Students have the privilege of picking out their own schedule for each day. As long as academic life is good students can have free time for the rest of their day. Students discipline is also a big part of campus life.Pacific Coast Academy has a three strike policy. Three strikes equals immediate expulsion. At Pacific Coast Academy ,depending on the infraction students usually start  off with a detention and then serious of other  punishment. Students have a curfew of 8:30am-9:00pm to be in their dorm rooms. Students also have to notify the main office and ask permission to leave  the pacific coast academy campus. Students are allowed to use computers and iPad for  educational uses in class. Students homework and assignments will be posted to Edmodo daily. Students are required to complete an essay of what they have done at the end of each year. Students have access to the recreational places located on the Pacific Coast academy campus. This includes pool,lounges,bowling alley,skating ring and many more.

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