Global Warming

Below is a Statue in Berlin by Issac Cordal. It is called “Politicians Discussing Global Warming."

How is Global Warming a World Issue?

As Al Gore say in the movie An Inconvenient Truth, “Each one of us is a cause of global warming.”

Hurricanes, heat waves, drought, wildfires, floods, and extreme winter weather are some of the effects of global warming. This is the most visible impact of global warming in our everyday lives. It is also causing dangerous changes to the landscape of our world. Every country, no matter the location and no matter if it is developed or developing will have to deal with their weather changing rapidly. Even if a country is lucky enough to not have experienced any natural disasters, there will be increased pressure to help the countries that have had these disasters. A specific example of a region experiencing a natural disaster is California and the second major drought they are experiencing in the last 10 years. Another example is Nepal and the powerful earthquake which killed thousands of people.

What Problems does Global Warming Rise?

1. Species will suffer-  Polar bears will struggle to survive as their habitat changes rapidly. Rising temperatures cause the ice on which polar bears hunt from to melt earlier in the year driving the bears to shore before they have built enough fat reserves to survive the period of scarce food. This reduction in ice also forces the polar bears to swim longer distances between ice platforms and increases the risk of drowning. Unfortunately, as the ice melts, there is less reflective surface to reflect the heat from the sun and the water absorbs it instead, making the temperature even warmer.  

2. Excessive amounts of carbon dioxide- Carbon dioxide traps heat in the air, making the temperature rise. This greenhouse gas is being excessively produced by humans due to the burning of fossil fuels. This gas is not only harmful to the earth, but also to humans as it pollutes the air and affects the health of our lungs.

Why Should you be concerned???

> Unlike some pollution problems, global warming is essentially irreversible! Once the earth's ice melts, it is gone.

> The increase of heat waves in the summer will make you want to crank up your A/C, costing you money.

> Food prices will increase as farmers will find it hard to to maintain the specific conditions crops need to thrive.

>The pollution of the air and water can cause long-term health risks and a decrease in the quality of your life.

What Can you do?

One of the most important ways to combat global warming is by doing small things such as limiting the use of electricity, heating or air conditioning, supporting initiatives by the government to become a more earth conscious city, and being concious of what we waste. If the people show enough concern and demand for environmental change, hopefully governments and politicians will respond to this and do their part, too.

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