Anne's Nature

Anne Frank Tackk, Brianna Eskew, Period 6

          Anne is concerned about how Peter feels after seeing his parents bicker. Anne goes to see him to cheer him up by persuading him to see how wonderful it was outside to cheer him up. She talks to him about how she feels about nature since she moved to the secret annex. She tells him how she wishes that he had a religion and that Peter should believe in something. When Anne says "I think myself on a walk in the park where I used to go with Pim", it is evident that she wishes that one day she would be about to go outside and enjoy nature again (p.951). I called my Anne Frank Tackk "Anne's Nature" because when Anne talks to Peter, she talks a lot about going outside and seeing flowers and clouds. She tells Peter how she's tired of being stuck inside a building to prevent herself and others from getting executed. (156 words)

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