Project Life Budget

By: Kory Mosher and Jordan Schmitz

About Us

Henry and Katrina Johnson are married with two beautiful children. Our boy is 5 years old and is named Brad O'Conner, and our daughters name is Sandy O' Conner and is 8 years old. Katrina's job is an Architect, and Henry's job is a Dental Hygenist. Katrina drives 27 miles to and from work and Henry drives 30 miles to and from work.


-Henry makes $73,000 annually

-Henry pays about $1,805 monthly for taxes

-Henry's monthly income is $4,278

-Katrina makes $98,000 annually

-Katrina pays about $1,918 monthly for taxes

-Katrina's monthly income is $6,249

Monthly Established Expenses

Each Month We Spend--

-$30 for adults, $30 for children for Health and Life Insurance, total of $60

-$60 for adults, $30 for children for Medical and Dental Expenses, total of $90

-$532.60 for Savings

-$10.00 for Unlucky Chance Card

Chance Cards

There was a mistake in our recent tax calculations, so we received $125.00, but later on we spent $10.00 on girl scout cookies.

Personal Investments

We inherited into three different companies; 175 shares of BP plc, (BP), 100 shares Apple, (AAPL), and 105 shares of Nokia Corp., (NOK). In all, we lost money.


We live in Mankato, MN. We bought a large house that cost $449,900, so each month our payment is about $2,299.03. Our house has four bedrooms, Two bathrooms, a home theater, a half acre yard, and we have all other amenities needed.


Since we own our own house we have to pay $200 for electric each month, $50 for sewer each month, and $70 a month for two cell phones and internet service.


Katrina bought a brand new 2014 Ford F. 350 King Ranch and I paid $57,600 for it. Brad bought a 1994 Crown Victoria and paid $1,500 for his car. Katrina's monthly payment is $827.38 and Brad's payment is $21.55. Together we pay $848.93 a month. We are actually over $100 less than our minimum transportation payment allowance.

Since I drive 28 miles a day round-trip, I drive an estimated 900 miles a month. Because my car is only one year old, but is non-fuel efficient, I spend about $80 a month in gas. The monthly maintenance for my car costs $20. When everything is totaled up, I spend about $100 in variable transportation costs.

Home Improvment and Furniture

To help improve some things in my home, I purchased a new t.v., new refrigerator, and a new hot tub. In total, we spend $333.54 per month on home improvement payments.

Food, Household, and Personal Hygiene

My weekly food menu consists of:

Monday- Breakfast- Yogurt and Cereal. Lunch- Ham Sandwhich. Dinner- Spaghetti. Snack- Chips.

Tuesday- Breakfast- Strudels and Fruit Snacks. Lunch- Lunchables. Dinner- Pizza. Snack- Fruit Snacks

Wednesday- Breakfast- Waffles. Lunch- Hot Pockets. Dinner- Hamburgers. Snack- Chips.

Thursday- Breakfast- Pop Tarts. Lunch- TV Dinners. Dinner- Chicken Patty Sandwhiches. Snack- Gushers.

Friday- Breakfast- Strudels. Lunch- Mac and Cheese. Dinner- Brats. Snack- Chips.

Saturday- Breakfast- Waffles. Lunch- Hot Dogs. Dinner- Stuffed Chicken Breast. Snack- Fruit Snacks.

Sunday- Breakfast- Strudels and Pop Tarts. Lunch- Dine Out (McDonalds). Dinner- Pizza. Snack- Chips.

I spend about $253 a week on this food menu.

I spend about $1,012 a month on groceries.

Clothing and Accessories

I spent a total of $162.71 on clothing. I bought a pair of men slacks for $42.87, two men t-shirts for $29.98, a pair of men jeans for $27.97, a pair of boys shoes for $27.00, and a girls sweater for $34.99.

Entertainment and Recreation

On entertainment, we spent a total of about $210 on activities a month. The things we chose to do were a free boat and vacation show at the mall, a free old fashioned Christmas activity in St. Clair, a night at Bdubs for about $55, including babysitter, and a Minnesota Wild game for $156.

Cable and Dining Out

We chose to buy the Deluxe Package for Cable TV, which costs $84 a month.

For dining out we chose to dine out four times a month which costs about $126.50 a month.

-We put a total of $5,461.15 into our Wells Fargo Savings Account.

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