20% Project

                                                            Elizabeth Domonkas

Day 1

  What did you choose?

     I chose coding with Code Academy.

 Why did you choose it?

     I chose this because Coding is something that interest me.

  What do you want to learn?

     I want to learn how to code with JavaScript. :D

  Can you make this into and ideal career?

     Yes, I tend to sit at the computer a lot, and instead of watching anime, maybe I can do something productive and get paid for doing it.      

Day 2

What did I do to plan/learn about my project?

     I had gone back in my progress with JavaScript to refresh my memory.

Day 3

What research, videos, or information did you look at to learn about your project?

     I continued to review my completed work.   

Day 4

What did you do specifically?

     I did JavaScript on CodeAcademy.

What questions did you answer about how to complete your project?

     Can I successfully follow directions and find a solution to a problem?

Day 5 & 6

     I have gotten stuck a few times with syntax errors. I see my improvement as I remember how to do certain things such as if/else statements and console.log.

Day 6 & 7

Javascript : Computer programming language commonly used to create interactive effects within web browsers.

Day 8

What does a 'syntax error' stand for?

Why does '//' make it not readable by the computer.

What does 'val' stand for?

Day 8 & 9

I am at around 20% through my project. I am mostly having trouble finding the syntax errors through out the code. I can fix the syntax error by going back through my completed levels where certain code were explained.

Day 10 & 11

I'm around 25% done with my project. My goal is to reach the end of the lesson 'Build "Rock, Paper, Scissors". It's proving to get harder, I tend to be able to find the syntax errors after around five minutes of searching. I am seeing improvement in myself and my coding ability.

Day 12

I'm almost done with my project.  I've decided to continue on to the lesson for loops.  I continue to see myself improve.

Day 13 & 14

I'm starting to learn the for loop.  It's almost like a counter so far for how I have used it.  I can control where the loop ends and where it begins. I have learned how to skip count also.

Day 15 & 16

My next step is to finish with the section after loops. I have five more sections then I'm done with my project. Once I'm done I plan on going back and complete all the levels I skipped.

Day 17

Did it work?

     Yes, I have completed around 30% of the Javascript course. I have learned a lot that I plan on using in my future. I haven't skipped very much of the Javascript course, but some of the syntax errors I couldn't find. I am extremely happy that I have completed my goal of 30% complete in the course.

Day 18

My project turned out alright. I had reached my desired goal of 30% and rarely skipped a lesson in the course. I wanted to learn how to code with JavaScript. I completed this goal in a way, I have learned the basics of JavaScript. I'm not as interested in coding anymore, I found my own mind wandering and found myself bored quite often. I don't wish I would have chosen another project because then I would still think that coding is something that interest me more than it actually does.

Comment Stream

2 years ago

Wow! This looks really hard to do! Great job!

2 years ago

I didn't know you like coding, but this is cool! Good luck on the rest of your project!