The power of music

Music affects my family and I greatly because of the joy we have in creating it. From a very young age, my sister and I were raised on Disney movies, and countless hours were spent singing songs from these various movies. My mother and father both acted in local plays for the parents of students at my school. However,it was not until I joined Central's men's choir that I truly began to appreciate the music that we were creating. Music is a universal language, because. It does not require coherent speech or dialect between individuals. I personally had an experience with a Spanish girl when I was in Sweden, when we both happened to be drumming beats waiting for our food at different tables. We ended up eating our food together, and having a conversation, both through my limited knowledge of Spanish and her limited knowledge of English. In other parts of the world, at birthday parties around the world, people sing songs to those who are turning a year older.

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3 years ago

The link to the choir is terrific, Daniel. A wonderful way to use technology; I can hardly believe they've never met - cool. Great personal story, too. Don't be afraid of paragraphs. They're your friends.